Why an Android dev doesn't hate Apple?

As I earn my living writing Java code that runs on Android, some people assume by default that I must hate Apple. They couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s why.

This blogpost was written on a Macbook air. A machine that survived a 1.5m fall with merely a dent in the casing. A machine I bought 3.5 years ago 3 days after it launched and it’s still working. A machine that kills fascists.Love it.


(For people claiming macs are expensive: technically one could fly to a certain mediterranean part of Britain for 60 quid and buy a mac there for 20% less as that paradise has no such thing as a VAT, but who’d do such a thing, right?)

iPhone is not the enemy. At the end of the day, it’s just another tool that allows you to play Angry Birds and send emails (I also heard somewhere it can make phone calls as well but haven’t tested it). It’s nice to see how the other side does it. It’s nice to know differences and knowing iOS as an Android developer, it’s probably going to get you paid a bit more. And Swift is nice, sort of like Scala, but with a crap IDE.

Lastly, tip of the hat to Mr Cook, who managed to sell enough devices in the last 3 months that beat even oil companies in the best days of 150$ a barrel oil. Takes a good company to do that.