About me

About me

Who am I?

My story

I'm Zan (or Žan) if writing my name in Slovenian or other slavic languages. Because I am Slovenian.  

I am  a passionate traveler, computer geek, foodie, beer lover, and Europhile.

I like many things, including everything mentioned above, my wife, dogs, cats, people in general, and YouTube videos on silly things such as economy and politics. I'm also passionate about everything that pushes our society forward, from green tech, space, and AI.

I work in developer relations, which is kind of like public relations, but instead of journalists we talk to developers. Check out my writing under the DevRel tag.
My writing has been referenced in books and keynotes.

People tell me I'm a pleasant person to work with, either as a colleague or a manager. If you like what you read, see, or hear, I invite you to check out my CV, or contact me if you have something that might interest me. 👇


On social media my handle is quite often zmarkan.

I'm rather active on Twitter, although the current isolation might be making me slip ever deeper into madness: https://twitter.com/zmarkan/

For a slightly more curated (and professional) type of feed, you can connect with me on LinkedIn as well:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/zmarkan/

Of course, if email is your jam, then I can be reached at zan [at] markan.me (this domain).