Who the F*ck is Zan?

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Hi, I'm Zan! This is my site. Welcome to it. Here are some bits and bobs about me you might wish to know.

During the day, I help developers worldwide get better at building great things as a Developer Evangelist at Pusher in London. I also sometimes speak at conferences and meetups.

I am also open to mentoring people - on Android, software development in general, public speaking, or something else. For free - as in beer. If you want to get in touch, it’s best to tweet or email me.

I also run a blog about developer relations and everything that entails, such as public speaking and activities surrounding it. You can find it on Medium.

Technology-wise I’ve been focused on mobile and Android development pretty much since that became a thing. Recently I’ve also developed a newfound respect for Javascriptery. Currently I’m raving about Kotlin.

In the off hours I’m likely to be seen enjoying the fruity hoppiness of a West Coast style IPA. One of these days I’ll even finish a beer discovery app.

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