Who the F*ck is Zan?

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Hi, I'm Zan! Here are some bits and bobs about me you might wish to know.

This is my site. Welcome to it. It’s pretty empty at the moment but it’ll get better as I move some content around and consolidate it all here.

During the day, I do things with code and product at Pusher in London. I also sometimes speak at conferences and meetups. If you want to get in touch, it’s best to tweet me.

Technology-wise I’ve been focused on mobile and Android development pretty much since that became a thing. Recently I’ve also developed a newfound respect for Javascriptery. More about that coming soon to a blogpost near you.

In the off hours I’m likely to be seen enjoying the fruity hoppiness of a West Coast style IPA. One of these days I’ll even finish a beer discovery app.

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