A rather meta Kickstarter idea

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I just backed the book Attaché guide to travel on Kickstarter.

It’s a project by Alex Hunter, maker of the excellent Attaché Travel show on YouTube.

Attaché is a travel show aimed at a modern jet setter, focusing on the essentials to get around in a new city. It covers things like: how to get from the airport to the centre fast and on the cheap, where can I grab a local delicacy, and what’s a fantastic local brew. All supported by beautiful photography, this show really speaks to my millennial self and I’m sure the book will too. It’s a well-priced book, only £15 plus shipping (it was even cheaper in early bird offer but those were gone in a matter of hours).

The real winner, however is in the £3000 pledge reward - An Attaché episode in YOUR city. (Plus a few copies of the book and the usual shebang). Think about it - that’s an award winning show with hundreds of thousands of views per episode.

What if we raised that money and get one recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city 🇸🇮? You know, the one place with a bunch of dragons 🐉, a super cute centre and some amazing views of the surrounding mountains 🏔? It could be a great way to promote Slovenian tourism and get some cheap exposure - guerrilla style.

Here’s some pics of Ljubljana kitsch to give you an idea (all sourced from WikiMedia Commons):

Ljubljana Skyline Ljubljanica River Ljubljana 🐉

A few things of note:

Zan Markan

Zan Markan

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