Goodbye, Ghost Pro! Hello, Jekyll!

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Hello, 🌍!

I’ve decided to move my content and all my future writing under my personal domain and start using a new (old) blogging engine.

For a while now, I’ve been using Ghost Pro to run my site, geniously titled Space Cowboy Rocket Company (dot com). It’s worked nicely and well, without any issues, I really liked the managed aspect of it that required me to fiddle with zero servers. But I’ve been thinking of moving away from it for a while now, as there’s absolutely nothing Ghost can offer me than other platforms can’t.

Furthermore, Firebase have released a new version of their static site hosting product - and this time this also supports Google Cloud Functions! Meaning, I could trigger some limited serverside javascriptery from my statically generated sites. Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

So here I am, back to square one, back using Jekyll to generate my stuff. I’ve also decided to change to a different domain, namely one that’s a lot simpler to remember - The old domain will still work and point to Ghost as I transfer all the content over to the new one and then work as a redirect. (Of course I will sit on the domain name unti I’ve actually started my rocket company)

So that’s that.

Zan out.

Zan Markan

Zan Markan

Space Cowboy, Avocado, Speaker, Immigrant.

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