Bye @mandsdigital, it's been totes emosh!

This is not your average quit lit post.

Back in August 2013 I got a job. A proper one, not the startup shenanigans. Yesterday I returned my pass and laptop and left the office for one final time.

I stayed there for 3 years and a few months, never thought I’d stay here that long. A lot has happened.

We released apps, broke stuff, waged Nerf warfare, drank lots of coffee, stayed late, partied hard, went to 3 Droidcons, hosted events, hacked away at a dev fort, swore at IBM, early adopted Slack, broken builds, fixed builds, ran workshops, and much more.

I’d like to thank everyone I worked with, you people are the best. A big shoutout to pretty much everyone. Especially the geniuses who made Zan Con happen. What a way to feed my ego.

The people in no particular order

Nic who hired me (no thanks for making me do ActionScript tho, you prick). Greg who joined on the same day as I (and leaves in a week). Adrian who left and rejoined and left again, and invented Zan Con. Anu who shot me in the face with a nerf gun when I bought an iPhone. Joe who always explains modern pop culture to me.

And the rest of my awesome team, Paul, Anu and Oggy, and my wider pirate team - Joe, G, Chris, Leanne, Sophie and Charles. And the people who left a while back - Donnie, Jade, Chris, Kiera, Keith, Neil, Dan, and John. And of course all the other cool folks who either left already or are still soldiering on - Sam, Vera, Meri, Adam, Pete, Kyle, Hemal, Neil, Het, Olly, Tony, Big Jim, Badr, JP, Pauline, Rob, Ross, Pete, Michelle, Marisa, Rik, Gavin, Sam, Simon, Charlotte, Vitalij, Albert, Israel, Chris, Jo, Jabley, Dom, Alex, JCM, Qaiser, Isabelle, and all the people I forgot.

Moving on…

That I am. Starting my new job on Monday, so almost no funemployment for me. Exciting times though.

Also, a note to M&S - please don’t fuck everything up.

Zan out.