Android Versioning Hell in the CI-land

For the last two days, my colleague Paul and I had been battling with a weird issue in our Android test suite running on CI. We had been getting Unable to find instrumentation info gradle errors whilst running the connectedCheck task.

Suckers looked like this:

"Tests on Nexus 5 - 4.4 failed: Unable to find instrumentation info for:

Digging around the logcat I found this:

W/PackageManager(  608): Can't install update of
update version 0 is older than installed version 3

and realised that by porting an old Eclipse project into Android Studio we introduced the following into our build.gradle:

defaultConfig {
    minSdkVersion 8
    targetSdkVersion 19
    versionCode 1
    versionName "1.0"

Thing is that gradle android plugin will create a new AndroidManifest.xml file (well more than one, one for each build flavour), and it’ll do it from the existing AndroidManifest.xml and its own parameters, such as defaultConfig. This AndroidFrankenfest.xmlis then used in constructing the .apk files we all know and love, but funnily enough, removing the versionCode and versionName lines from build.gradle rolled back to using the ones in the original manifest. Fun, but confusing.

We also figured out that the bloody app wasn’t getting uninstalled automagically, so Paul ended up writing a new rake task (yes we use Rake and so should you, but   that’s a whole new story) for that, to ensure that the bloody app was getting uninstalled, both the .test package, such as:, as well as the app package.

Runs like a charm.