Me speaking

I speak to people about things on occasion. I am available for speaking at conferences, meetups - either technical or keynote / motivational, as well as appearing on or moderating panel discussions, podcasts, or serving on CFP reviewing committees. If you'd like me to come and speak at your event please contact me.

I prefer the topics that spark my interest. These days that's mostly Kotlin, Serverless, SDK development, and API design, and in the past it's been Android and testing related topics, as well as a pinch of public policy. Besides that, I'm always interested how great products are made, how teams work together, and how developer communities function.

You can check out some of the talks I have given in the past:

Talks given

State of the Kotlin Ecosystem

Push Notifications that Donโ€™t Suck

Building DSLs in Kotlin for Fun and Profit

Tools that give you Superpowers

Library development: Stuck between a Pod and a Jar file

10-ish things about Android library development

Beyond HAcktivism: why #policymatters

Android Testing Support library - The Nitty Gritty

Earlier talks

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